HubSpot Pricing: Uncovering the Mystery Behind the Pricing of HubSpot!

HubSpot Pricing

Though HubSpot is renowned for its simple and easy-to-use software, HubSpot Pricing Plans are still a mystery for many. 

Why? Because with 4 pricing plans for each 5 Hubs, HubSpot offers 20 standalone packages and is not easy to interpret.

Before going into depth, let's answer the basic question for content skimmers!

How much does HubSpot cost?

  Starter Professional Enterprise
Sales Hub $50 $500 $1200
Marketing Hub $50 $890 $3200
Service Hub $50 $400 $1200
CMS Hub $25 $400 $1200
Operations Hub $50 $800 $2000



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Hubs vs Plans: The Core of HubSpot Packages


HubSpot separated a set of features into specific categories called Hubs based on their usage in various departments. HubSpot Offers CRM, Sales, Marketing, CMS, Service, and Operations Hub.



For each Hub, HubSpot offers 4 subscription plans. Free and starter are the most common one and easy to start with while professional and enterprise are feature-rich and comparatively expensive.

🚩 Caution:

Be careful while choosing and purchasing Hubs. We have noticed common cases when clients' goals are not well-aligned with their purchased Hubs.

Carefully define your business needs and discuss your Suitable Pricing Plans with HubSpot Sales Rep or HubSpot Partner before making a decision on purchasing.

HubSpot Pricing Calculator

HubSpot pricing remains a mystery for most of the customers because, with 4 pricing plans for each 5 Hubs, HubSpot offers 20 standalone packages and is not easy to interpret.

We created questionnaires covering common questions that most clients consider before making a recommendation. Give it a try!

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HubSpot Pricing Models



Features Based Pricing

All HubSpot plans are distinguished in terms of features and this model is the most important criteria when choosing the right subscription plan for you.


Contacts Based Pricing

HubSpot Marketing Hub pricing also factors in the number of marketing contacts you have in your system.

What is Marketing Contact? Any contact to whom you want to send marketing emails (regular and automated both) or add in Ads audiences need to be considered and added as Marketing Contacts.


Users Based Pricing

An important consideration while looking for Sales and Service Hubs. Why? Because Sales and Service Hubs are basically charged on a per-user basis with a minimum number of seats purchased for professional and enterprise plans.

😎 Pro Tip:

Many Paid features of Sales and Hub and Service Hub are overlapping so if you are purchasing both Hubs, consider this element in your calculation.

😎 Pro Tip:

You can have up to a million contacts in HubSpot for free if you don’t want to do the two marketing actions i.e. marketing email and ads audience.


Have specific business needs which you want to discuss with Pricing Consultant before deciding?

HubSpot Pricing Calculator is focused on a wide audience and doesn't cover all cases as everyone can be their specific needs too. Discuss your needs with a consultant to clear your concerns!

Is HubSpot CRM really free?

HubSpot offers various pricing options for different Hubs but core CRM creatures are free with some limits. Some of the most common features being offered for free are

Contact Management

Deal Pipeline Management

Activities and Task Management

Website Activity Tracking

Custom Properties or Fields

Live Chat and Bots

Marketplace Apps Integrations

HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing

HubSpot Sales Hub features are built for the Sales team to complement the basic free CRM features. The table below will compare most of the features in each plan but here we are focusing on the core decision-making criteria:


HubSpot Sales Hub Starter: $25 per user per month (Two minimum seat purchasing)

Teams opt for Sales Hub Starter on top of HubSpot Free CRM when:

  • HubSpot Native Calling Feature is needed;
  • More than 10 Custom properties are needed on HubSpot; or
  • They need to remove HubSpot branding from Meeting Tool.


HubSpot Sales Hub Professional: $100 per user per month (5 minimum seat purchasing)

Sales Hub Professional is a good fit for growing teams having full-time sales agents and when:

  • Sales Automations (to trigger internal notifications, task creation, deal creation, field update, etc.) and Sequences (Series of emails being sent via connected email account) are needed;
  • Multiple Deal Pipelines (To manage different types of sales processes within HubSpot) are needed;
  • Custom Reporting is needed as the default report is restricted on default properties while custom reporting gives much more space; or
  • Increased calling limits and options in meeting tools are needed.

HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise: $120 per user per month (10 minimum seat purchasing)

From Sales Hub Professional to Sales Hub Enterprise, is mostly driven by an increase in the number of sales agents and enterprise-grade features. Recently after the introduction of Custom Objects in HubSpot, Sales Enterprise became more lucrative. In Sales Hub Enterprise:

  • HubSpot Custom objects are available
  • Sales Playbooks can be created to streamline your sales team activities
  • Enterprise-grade options like SSO, Sandbox, etc. are available



Best if you are just starting out.

Price is for 2 paid users.

  • All options of free CRM
  • 2 Deal Pipelines
  • More than 10 Custom Properties
  • 8 hours of calling per agent
  • Extended limits for documents, snippets, meeting links



Best for teams with more than 10 sales agents.

Price is for 10 Paid users.

  • All options of Professional Plan
  • HubSpot Custom Objects
  • Sales Playbooks
  • 33 hours of calling per agent
  • Team Hierarchies

Don't fall for the features! Focus on your needs.

HubSpot Features list is exhaustive but you don't need everything. Focus on your needs to get the best ROI. 

Book a call with a consultant who can help you identify your needs and the suitable pricing Plan!

HubSpot Marketing Pricing

HubSpot Marketing Hub features are focused on features like marketing emails, forms, ads, blogging, landing pages, and attribution. In the details mentioned below, we will focus mostly on the key deal-makers or deal-breakers for each subscription plan.


HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter: Starting from $50 Per Month

In terms of options, HubSpot CRM Marketing tools and Marketing Starter doesn't have significant differences which are also depicted in their pricing difference. Clients generally opt for HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter when:

  • The Need to remove branding from Marketing Email, Landing Pages, and Forms; or
  • More than 10 custom properties are needed


HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional: Starting from $890 per Month

As you can notice in the pricing differential, Marketing Starter and Professional have a big jump in terms of pricing and features. Core additional features are explained below:

  • Marketing Automation Tools are available which is mainly used to send automated marketing emails and add contacts to Ads Audiences
  • Custom Reporting Options are available as in other professional plans
  • Completely Customized Landing Pages can be created which means custom coding is also possible along with templates and themes
  • A complete Set of Inbound tools including blogging tools, SEO tools, Call-To-Action Buttons, and Campaign Management tools are available


HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise: Starting from $3,200 per month

The price differential between Marketing Professional and Enterprise is also quite steep but this difference gradually vanishes when the number of marketing contacts is increased. HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise is a good option:

  • When the number of marketing contacts is more than 50000
  • If multiple Brand domains are needed


😎 Pro Tip: The price difference between Professional and Enterprise is minimal when you go beyond 40K. In that range, the enterprise is the best bet!



Best if you are just starting out or mainly use Sales Hub and just doing one-off marketing campaigns.

  • Regular Marketing Emails
  • 3 Follow-ups to Form Submitters
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Ads Integration and Management
  • List Based Segmentation



Best for teams with big marketing lists and they want to get the best out of that list.

  • All options of Professional Plan
  • HubSpot Custom Objects
  • Database for landing Pages (HubDB)
  • Team Hierarchies

HubSpot Service/Support Pricing

Hubspot Customer Service Hub comprises mostly of post-sales and support tools like a ticketing system, live chat, chatbot, knowledge base, surveys, etc. 


HubSpot Service Hub Starter: $25 per user per month (2 minimum seat purchasing)

  • Remove branding from tools like Chatbot, live chat, etc.
  • Multiple Ticket Pipelines are available in Service Hub Starter

HubSpot Service Hub Professional: $80 per user per month (5 minimum seat purchasing)

The differential in terms of features is steep from Starter to Professional and some really good options are provided in the professional plan:

  • A customer Portal is needed so your clients can access and manage the status of their tickets
  • NPS or customer experience surveys are available via automation
  • A knowledge base can be setup
  • A well-functioning chat flow can be created
  • Custom report builder is also available like other professional plans.

HubSpot Service Hub Enterprise: $120 per user per month (10 minimum seat purchasing)

HubSpot Service Hub is suitable mainly for the big support teams when:

  • Field level permissions for support agents are needed; or
  • Hierarchical team needed.

HubSpot CMS Pricing

HubSpot CMS is mainly needed when you desire to host your website on HubSpot which provides a completely managed solution along with a variety of themes and templates so an enterprise-level website can be managed without the need to allocate too much on development resources.

Generally, we don't recommend stand-alone CMS subscriptions to clients as CMS isn't HubSpot's core Hub, and its potential lies when you use other Hubs, especially Marketing. That's why we call: HubSpot Marketing Hub + HubSpot, a Match Made in heaven!


HubSpot CMS Starter: $25 per month

CMS Hub doesn’t have a free plan or features in a free CRM plan and anyone who wants to host a website on HubSpot needs to take at least a starter plan. The starter plan comes with a themes option but mainly with a limitation of 15 website pages (Excluding Blog).

So one case assumes that it's mainly for a small website with very few pages


HubSpot CMS Professional: $400 per month

We can call it an optimum solution to creating a full-fledged website. A good option to choose when:

  • More than 15 website pages are needed
  • Customization using coding in themes or custom coded templates are needed
  • Dynamic Content and database like HubDB is needed

HubSpot CMS Enterprise: $1200 per month

CMS Hub Professional does have all features to create a good website but is not good enough for complicated sites when:

  • Custom web applications like calculators etc. are needed
  • Membership sites are to be created

That's where HubSpot CMS Enterprise can be a helpful solution.

HubSpot Operations Hub Pricing

It's a new Hub introduced by HubSpot and our HubSpot Consultants didn't get enough information on the use-cases and features mostly demanded in each subscription but Custom Field Mapping with other tools is something really exciting and the Webhooks feature which was previously available for even Marketing Professional will surely be an important criterion to consider this. 

Here are the core features and important criteria for the selection of each plan.

HubSpot Operations Starter: $50 per month

  • Custom Properties can be created like in other starter plans
  • Custom Field Mapping with other apps is also possible

HubSpot Operations Professional: $800 per month

  • Webhooks is really a deal-maker as clients having their own software really need them to manage stuff
  • Scheduled Workflows seem to be a much-awaited feature, especially for ongoing post-sales engagements
  • Programmable and data-quality automations

HubSpot Operations Enterprise: $2,000 per month

  • Advanced data calculations and aggregation is now possible which was once considered a major limitation with HubSpot structure and reporting
  • HubSpot Custom Object Data Sync
  • Extended limits for custom objects and calculated properties

HubSpot Growth Suite!

If you need more than 2 professional plans, Growth Suite is surely something you need to look into.


HubSpot's core competency is that it covers the tools needed for overall business growth, be it sales or marketing, or service teams. If you want to fully leverage the HubSpot potential, the HubSpot Growth tool can be the best option for you from a pricing perspective.


Growth Suite 

HubSpot Marketing Professional + HubSpot Sales Professional + HubSpot Service Professional + HubSpot Operations Professional + HubSpot CMS Professional = $1600

Standalone Packages

HubSpot Marketing Professional + HubSpot Sales Professional + HubSpot Service Professional + HubSpot Operations Professional + HubSpot CMS Professional = $2400


Purchasing β‰  Utilizing

Focus on how you can utilize the features instead of acquiring shiny features!

Consultant with the next available Pricing Consultant to discuss which features can actually work for you!

Hidden Costs and Onboarding Fees


Hidden Cost and Add-Ons

HubSpot pricing is quite transparent and no hidden costs are associated if pricing packages are chosen wisely by considering the limitations of each plan.
For exceeding limits, HubSpot offers various Ads-Ons like Reporting, API, etc. Also, some features are only available for additional costs like Business Units, Transactional Emails, Dedicated IPs, etc. 

HubSpot Onboarding

The purchasing system is easy but successfully utilizing that system is an uphill task for many companies when they don't have someone to guide them. 
HubSpot made it mandatory to purchase Onboarding services from either HubSpot or HubSpot Accredited Partner to ensure your success. 

HubSpot Pricing Discounts

HubSpot Pricing Plans seem expensive? No worries, several discount options are available for you!


Onboarding Waiver

HubSpot waive-off the onboarding fees which usually cost up to $6,000 if you take the Onboarding from a certified Partner.

This cost-saving really helps when you are migrating from other systems and getting the migration done from a Partner.


Partner Discount

Discuss your requirements with HubSpot Partner and they can negotiate the best possible option for you by choosing the right plan and negotiating a discount level.

Partner Discounts are most helpful on Professional and Enterprise level Plans.


Startup Discount

HubSpot Offers Up to 90% of discount on all pricing plans for startups associated with HubSpot Startup Partners.

Not every company is eligible for this specific discount but can be a game-changer for the eligible ones.

TL;DR Stuff!

1. HubSpot does offer CRM which is free

2. HubSpot offers 5 Hubs (Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, Operations) and three plans in each category

3. There is a significant overlapping of features among various plan

4. Sales and Marketing Hubs are mostly used ones and others are usually built on top of sales and marketing

5. HubSpot offer discount in various categories based on your interaction and eligibility

6. HubSpot charges an Onboarding fee for Professional and Enterprise customers but Partners can waive off your onboarding fees too

7. HubSpot Pricing can be complicated for you and involving a Pricing Consultant can surely save a lot of your HubSpot cost.



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