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Curious about what's included in the Audit?


Lead Generation Process

Discussion on your inbound and outbound lead generation sources and associated processes and possible improvements.


Lead Nurturing Process

Discussion on the current lead nurturing efforts and incorporation of new nurturing strategy into the system.


Lead Scoring and Qualification

Understanding of your current lead scoring and qualification strategies and criteria and recommendations for improvements.


Sales and Marketing Alignment

Consultation on the criteria for MQLs and SQLs, lead assignment, and rotation among sales and marketing teams across lifecycle stages.


CRM Structure

Analysis of the current CRM structure and recommendations on using the custom objects or integrations to improve the structure for the team.


Automation Potential

Discussion with sales, marketing, and operations teams on redundant steps and the possibility of automation to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


Possible Integrations

Evaluation of current integrations and third-party tools being used by teams to leverage native or third-party integration potential.


KPI Based Reporting

Understanding of the KPIs for leadership, sales, and marketing teams and it's alignment with HubSpot Funnel or Custom Reporting.


Tools Utilization

Analysis of the sales-specific tools being used by the team including but not limited to templates, sequences, tasks, conversations, plugins. 

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We breathe in HubSpot!


As an official HubSpot partner, we supercharge your HubSpot CRM, Sales Hub, and Marketing Hub with holistic knowledge, wide expertise, reliable planning, and tested strategies.


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“Adeel + Afaq at 3&Four have been nothing but professional during our HubSpot revamp. Throughout the process they have been communicative, can translate HubSpot process speak to anyone slightly familiar with the platform and continually care for the success of the project. I have been nothing but impressed and grateful for their expertise and am excited to have met them!”

“Adeel and his team have an in-depth knowledge of HubSpot; they respond fast, efficiently, and with solutions. All this at a reasonable cost. I recommend”

“I have worked with Adeel and his team at 3 & four for the past few months now. What I have been most impressed with is their responsiveness and quality of work. Even though we are in two very different time zones (I'm in the United States while Adeel is in Pakistan), the communication is almost seamless which I very much appreciate. I look forward to our continued partnership.”