The Potential of HubSpot for B2B Firms | An Ultimate Guide

A complete guide to understanding compatibility, use cases, and limitations of HubSpot for B2B.

B2B (business-to-business) business model is, where all the marketing and sales campaigns are targeted to other businesses and companies instead of direct consumers.

Streamlining marketing and stationing it through automation ensures the right content delivery at the right time. And for that, nothing is better than HubSpot, as part of your inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot allows effective multi-channel marketing management, and its ability to report on all prospects of the buyer journey, makes it a super quick tool that makes your life easier.


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HubSpot for B2B compatibility test

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software, that provides a complete suite of tools and features modified to the needs of B2B companies. For B2B organizations, it is the best solution to help captivate and keep their target audience, which as a result brings sales and revenue to the sales funnel, drives growth, and gains customers

To gain a comprehensive understanding of how well HubSpot aligns with the needs of a B2B organization, it's essential to conduct a feature-by-feature comparison between the requirements typically expected in a B2B CRM and the features offered by HubSpot.

Features Essential for B2B Availability in HubSpot
Data Import and Export ✔️
API Access ✔️
Role-Based Permissions ✔️
Automation ✔️
Integration with Third-Party Apps ✔️
Email Integration ✔️
Contact History and Interaction Tracking ✔️
Mobile CRM ✔️
Reporting and Analytics ✔️
Customer Lifecycle Management ✔️
Customer Segmentation ✔️
Campaign Management ✔️
Email Marketing ✔️
Pipeline Management ✔️
Anonymously Visiting Company Identification
Website Visitor Tracking ✔️
Marketing ROI Tracking ✔️
Lead Nurturing ✔️
Social Media Listening
Field Service Management
Multi-Channel Communication ✔️
Automated Email Campaigns ✔️
Help Desk and Ticketing ✔️
Lead Scoring ✔️
Knowledge Base Management ✔️
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Features ✔️
Lead & Contact Management ✔️
Opportunity Management ✔️
Account Management ✔️
Sales Forecasting ✔️
Calendar Integration ✔️
Quote and Proposal Management ✔️
Order Management ✔️
Contract Management ✔️
Task Automation ✔️
Pipeline Management ✔️
Voice and Call Recording Integration ✔️
Sales Funnel Visualization ✔️
Sales Enablement Tools ✔️
Channel Partner Management ✔️
Task and Activity Management ✔️
Document Management ✔️
Help Desk and Ticketing ✔️
Customer Support Ticketing ✔️
Customer Feedback Management ✔️
Customer Portal for Self-Service ✔️
Knowledge Base Management ✔️
Data Security ✔️
Event Management ✔️
Onboarding and Training Features ✔️
Data Cleansing and Deduplication ✔️
360-Degree Customer View ✔️
Predictive Analytics ✔️
Integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems ✔️
User Training and Support ✔️


While HubSpot indeed offers an extensive array of features essential for B2B operations such as lead scoring, it's important to acknowledge that in the dynamic landscape of business needs, you may occasionally encounter specific feature gaps. To address this, HubSpot offers a robust ecosystem of integrations designed to bridge those gaps seamlessly. 

However, should you encounter challenges in identifying or implementing workarounds independently, it is highly advisable to engage with a HubSpot consultant. Their expertise can provide tailored solutions to optimize your CRM usage and ensure it aligns perfectly with your B2B organization's unique requirements.


Common Use Cases for B2B

HubSpot for B2B has such a wide set of features available for all B2B marketing, sales, service, and CMS that makes it competent for all businesses providing product or sales services.


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HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot marketing hub is a user-friendly interface that enables businesses to nurture leads and provide customized customer experience for all of their clients. Inbound marketing generates leads by drawing in potential customers who express an interest in the products and services you provide.


Automated Email

An automated email system allows HubSpot users to send personalized emails to targeted customers, on specific triggers events, and criteria.

Automated Email Hubspot

For example, if you are a B2B software company you can use automated emails for client onboarding, internal event promotions, offering product demonstrations, and fostering interactions between their current clients and industry partners.


Marketing Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

This feature allows B2B users to compile data on the basis of performance, such as sales generation, client traffic, and conversions

 Credits: Hubspot

A B2B software company might use HubSpot's Marketing Analytics & Reporting Dashboard to optimize their sales and marketing campaigns. Their landing page analysis can provide lead generation data and conversion rate.


Lead Generation, Management and Tracking

HubSpot's marketing tools include features such as lead generation, scoring, and sales conversion tracking. This allows companies to maximize their lead generation and convert them into sales opportunities.

A B2B consultant company can use HubSpot'smarketing tools to streamline communication with contacts. By efficiently tracking lead interactions, assigning scores, and nurturing leads through targeted content, they can increase conversion rates and generate more opportunities, ultimately boosting their revenue and ROI.


HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot sales hub allows sales professionals of B2B businesses to initiate and manage sales processes with the help of leads. Understanding the most effective methods to connect with customers can be challenging. The marketplace is in a constant state of flux, and search engines are continuously adapting.


Deal Management

The deal management feature involves lead qualification, tracking, communication with prospective clients, negotiating prices, and coordinating requirements, ensuring a perfect deal closure.

Deal Management

For example, manufacturing B2B companies can use Deal Management to manage large-scale deals and projects, such as supplying machinery or any other type of deals their business is typically involved in.


Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is an excellent feature that forecasts prospective sales on the basis of market analysis and data from previous sales.

Sales Forecasting Hubspot

Credits: HubSpot

A B2B business can use HubSpot's sales forecasting feature to predict future revenue and plan resource allocation effectively. By analyzing historical sales data and lead conversion rates, they can make informed decisions on staffing, inventory, and marketing strategies. This proactive approach helps optimize sales efforts, ensuring consistent growth and profitability.


Quotes Tool

This is a great tool offered by HubSpot for B2B, which enables businesses to create, send, and manage pricing quotes and proposals for their products or services to their prospective customers.

Hubspot Quotes Tool

For example, a consultancy firm can use the Quotes Tool by HubSpot to send pricing quotes to their clients depending on the scope of work and hourly rate charged by the firm. This feature can help them effectively manage their payment collection which is a huge issue for certain companies.


HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot service hub provides an exceptional customer service experience that can ease client management and nurturing.


Ticketing System

A ticketing system feature in HubSpot for B2B allows businesses and organizations to efficiently track and manage clients’ inquiries, support suggestions, and customer service-related issues.

Tickets In Hubspot

For example, a B2B IT company can use ticketing systems to check, track, and settle IT issues, software breakdowns, and hardware glitches pointed out by its clients.


NPS System

B2B companies can gauge the promotor score of their clients with NPS feedback surveys on a routine basis or upon certain critical events. 


For example, a B2B SAAS company can understand the NPS index of its products by doing an NPS survey 3 months after the subscription is purchased and still active through the HubSpot Survey Tool using Automation.


HubSpot CMS Hub

CMS (Content management system), manages the digital content of businesses through HubSpot features such as website and blog builder.


Website Builder

The website builder feature of HubSpot for B2B enables businesses to make and design websites without complex coding or web development capabilities. It provides a drag-and-drop interface which is a quite user-friendly preface, allowing users to customize their websites from start to end on their own.

Hubspot Website Builder

A digital marketing agency can use HubSpot's website builder tool to create customized, visually appealing websites for their clients. The drag-and-drop feature will help the agency efficiently design and develop websites tailored to the unique needs and branding of each client. This way they can provide comprehensive web development services to other businesses.


Blog builder

The HubSpot blog builder tool is designed to make it easy to create and manage a blog. This tool includes features like content creation, content formatting, publishing, and organizing.

Hubspot Blog Builder


A content marketing agency that provides blogging services to businesses in various industries can create engaging and SEO-friendly blogs for their clients using Blog Builder.

Limitations of HubSpot for B2B

Despite its extensive tools and features, HubSpot may lack a few for B2B businesses.

Primarily, HubSpot focuses on the customer-facing side of business, and internal operational processes are a bit limited in HubSpot.

Secondly, HubSpot doesn't provide field service management and similar capabilities to teams reliant on map-based interfaces for their operations.


HubSpot for B2B provides an unsegregated system allowing businesses to check ongoing trends, access their ROI on the advertisement, and alter their weak strategies over time.

It provides a great suite of tools and features for marketing, sales, services, and CMS. Its easy-to-use interface and automation ability have made it approachable to businesses of all sizes.

Still, there are some limitations that one must be aware of before adopting and implementing it into their business.

But it is safe to say that HubSpot can be a prized possession for B2B businesses to achieve their targeted business goals through its diverse and dynamic, multiple efficiencies available for B2B.


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